Why You Should Consider Full Screen Web Design

Thursday - June 13th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Why You Should Consider Full Screen Web Design

As more and more brands are taking advantage of minimalism with their web design, they’re using full screen web design to create stunning displays and help with website conversions. Full screen sites are those that fill your entire window, whether you’re browsing from a mobile device or desktop. While this design tactic hasn’t been as popular before, the increased internet speeds and innovation from web designers is pushing ideas to limits. Furthermore, the increase of high quality images and retina displays is making full screen websites much more popular.

In fact, some brands have already taken it to the next level and are using film as their background in full screen web design. However, simply using a single image as the site template is still incredibly effective and provides impressive benefits.

Unify Browsers Through Full Screen Design

One of the most noticeable benefits about full screen web design is that it works both on desktop devices and mobile ones as well. The site is equally functional on both, eliminating most of the worries surrounding various browsers and how your site translates. This ensures that users from a smartphone will have the same stunning experience as someone browsing the site from your desktop. It also creates a unified experience. Instead of having to get used to how your site appears on both their laptop and phone, users know what to expect whenever they visit you online.

Improve Your Site’s Focus

Because full screen web design is one of the ultimate forms of minimalism, the focus is truly on your site’s content and pages. While the image certainly catches the user’s attention, it doesn’t distract like other page elements would. This keeps visitors scrolling through your site to find exactly what they’re looking for and going exactly where you want them to go.

Full screen web design even makes it easier to make certain pages stand out. Once users get used to the large background image, their attention is immediately drawn to the navigation options, driving traffic deeper into your site. The proper use of imagery also establishes what your site is about immediately. For instance, a kitchen counter filled with ingredients as the background image lets the user know that they can likely find recipes (or a menu!) on your site.

Increase Simplicity

Let’s face it: not everyone is computer savvy. By providing a simple website with incredible full screen design, you’re creating a site that’s easy for all users to use – and on any device! The increased simplicity also helps boost conversion rates, since it’s easier to guide visitors through your preferred sales funnel. Furthermore, the stunning background image decreases the chances of a new visitor hitting the back button.

To successfully choose an image for your full screen web design, be sure to use a photograph that is exclusive and specific to your brand. Nothing turns visitors off more than an image that is obviously a stock photograph. Also be sure to use the highest quality image possible. Poor quality images ruin the effect and the magnification enlarges any imperfections. By keeping these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to create a site that engages all your visitors!

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