Why More Brands Are Taking Advantage of User Generated Content

Monday - June 17th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Why More Brands Are Taking Advantage of User Generated Content

When talking about SEO and website development, “content” is a major buzzword that everyone’s trying to focus on. From blogs to press releases, brands want to inundate their sites with useful content that helps SEO and engages fans. But what if you could accomplish both with less effort? Musical artists and even politicians have turned to crowdsourcing to generate content that engages the masses. Likewise, more and more businesses are taking advantage of user-generated-content and the benefits it provides.

But what exactly are these benefits?

Crowdsourcing Engages Consumers

By crowdsourcing your content, you’re engaging your customers, which is the point of any marketing campaign. By engaging consumers, you’re able to establish positive branding and build a stronger relationship that will hopefully lead to sales in the future. Engaged consumers are also more likely to tell their family and friends about your brand – and they might even share a few of your posts on social media!

Generate Unique Content

Some of the major news providers in the US such as CNN and FOX News encourage user-generated content on a regular basis. With their respective iReport platforms, news organizations can cover stories from unique angles and can get new footage that’s never been seen before. Since news cameras can’t be everywhere, relying on user generated content helps increase the news organization’s scope.

Likewise, brands can use crowdsourcing to generate content that’s exclusive to them and sets them apart from their competitors. Because the content comes from users, you also know that the content will be of interest to them. With new tools live Givit, consumers can submit contests to websites and video contests (via social media platforms).

Also feel free to perform an analysis on the content that you receive. Is there a current trend or underlying theme of the content that’s being submitted? If so, then you know that there’s a thirst for that kind of content in the market, and you can work quickly to fulfill that need.

It Saves Money

Because consumers generate the content for you, you can invest your resources elsewhere. Of course, this isn’t to say that user-generated content should be the only content that you use. After all, you still have to consider SEO, content marketing, and other aspects that the general public would be unable to help you with. But crowdsourcing content is definitely a penny saver if you’re strapped for cash.

It’s Something New

If you’ve had to create new and unique content for the last few weeks or months, you understand how difficult it can be to develop new pieces. User-generated content provides fresh content that engages consumers both when they’re submitting it and consuming it.

Also remember that users are more likely to share your content if they’ve had a hand in creating it. By involving as many consumers as possible, you’re initial outreach is multiplied as those people share the posts with their own family and friends. Allowing users the opportunity to be part of the content conversation makes them more likely to share it.

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