Why Google+ is a Plus for Your Business

Thursday - April 11th, 2013

Written by: Jolleen Tran

Why Google+ is a Plus for Your Business

During its initial release, there was a lot of buzz around Google+ and the potential it had to rival Facebook. Since then, however, the excitement over Google+ has faded and Facebook remains the dominant force in social media marketing. Despite the slowed momentum, marketing efforts through Google+ shouldn’t be abandoned so quickly, especially since the social network is so closely intertwined with the world’s largest search engine. Though Google+ may not have a user base comparable to that of Facebook’s, its influence is just as profound.

Establish SEO Through Google+

Your business is on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Pinterest. Why in the world would you want to add another social media site for your marketing team to keep up with? Simple. Google+ is your easiest gateway to improving SEO. Because Google+ is intertwined with the search engine itself, any posts made through the social site will quickly rank on search engines.

Since Google+ utilizes its circles feature, this allows your business to be shared quickly among circles and targeted consumers. Furthermore, all of Google’s services are integrated into Google+, which in turn helps add valuable data to your company’s overall online profile. It’s the only social media platform that can quickly improve organic search results.

Google+ Humanizes Businesses

Just like any other social media site, Google+ allows businesses to interact directly with consumers and post content that humanizes them. Aside from the outside image, Google+ can humanize within the organization itself. For instance, Hangouts – free videoconference hosting for Google+ users – are an easy way for employees to communicate, especially when the company has multiple locations.

Businesses that are especially creative can use Hangouts to stream live events or question and answer sessions for their latest products or services. Again, the more options that businesses provide for consumers to interact, the more the business grows.

Another way that Google+ humanizes brands is through user suggestions. Before checking out a brand on other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, approximately 79 percent of users will check whether or not their family and friends have interacted or promoted the brand. Since the structure of Google+ is based on close friends and trust, brands with Google+ accounts are more likely to appear in circles and relevant organic search results.

Establish Targeted Followers

Since Google+ uses “circles” to sort followers and our acquaintances on the site, it allows businesses to interact with specific groups of people and share content that is only pertinent to that group. This level of micro marketing takes more planning and time, but is highly effective. Unlike Twitter where frequency of tweets is very important, Google+ is more about the quality of posts than the quantity. Consistency in posting will also help boost your company’s profile.

Just as with other social media platforms, respond to any comments and interact with your followers. After all, this is what building a social network is all about. Give fans a place to praise your services and share their user experiences. This will add value to your business and online credibility.


Will you give Google+ a +1 by establishing a page for your brand?

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