Web content strategies need to evolve

Tuesday - May 22nd, 2012

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Web content strategies need to evolve

Digital marketing is everywhere, which makes it ever more critical for business operators to find the right avenues and techniques for getting their message out.

The competition is already stiff and it’s getting tougher. The days when a decent website, a Facebook page and Twitter account could suffice for a web content strategy are gone.

Now, those elements are still fundamental to success in digital marketing, but making them truly functional is the challenge. The two factors creating this challenge are the ever growing landscape of the social media scene and the shifting tastes and developing attitudes of the marketplace.

Pitney Bowes recently conducted a review of its digital media efforts and found some interesting information which reinforces what many marketing experts have been saying. In a post at Marketing Profs, the company reported finding two key trends:

“With information at their fingertips, consumers can research your brand and judge the authenticity of its promise in a matter of seconds. Interaction with customers is a real-time, two-way conversation in the channel of their choosing.”

One of the most significant changes the digital age has brought to marketing is the shift in power. The recipients, not the messengers, are in control. People have control at their fingertips and have the ability to look at your message or click to something else. It all happens in a few seconds.

Success in digital marketing depends on who wins that split-second battle. Do you have a message packaged that will keep your audience’s attention or will they go ahead and click on that video of the tiny kitten slapping at the giant dog?

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