Visual Design 101: How to Make Your Data More Compelling

Wednesday - September 25th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Visual Design 101: How to Make Your Data More Compelling

When it comes to marketing your products and services, you want to showcase data that highlights what makes your business so unique. However, while headlines, CTAs, and content may grab attention, there are still other techniques that can be employed to get data across to consumers. For instance, if you want to do a data comparison between your product and a competitor’s, then an infographic may be one of the best ways to do so.

So how exactly do you make your data look cool? It’s not as simple as throwing some images and facts on a blank canvas and hoping for the best. Instead, you must have a plan to create a visually compelling presentation that boosts your business. Here’s how:

  1. Find a hot topic. While this may seem like a given, many businesses make the mistake of trying to define the conversation, instead of taking advantage of an in-demand topic. By following the latter, you’ll be able to create an infographic that immediately grabs the attention of your target audience. In fact, “in-demand topic” is likely a better strategy than a popular – or “hot” – topic. In other words, the key is finding information that people in your industry care about.
  2. Gather the data you want to use. As a leader in your industry, it should be relatively easy to gather the data you want to promote your business through visual data. If you want to compare it directly with competitors, then feel free to grab that information – such as pricing – off their website. During this step, it’s okay to go a little overboard. In other words, it’s better to have too many options and trim it instead of not having enough. If you want to make your points even more relevant, then search Google or Twitter for news that you can relate your data to.
  3. Invest in professional design. The difference between a successful infographic versus one that fails is the stunning design. If your image fails to cleanly and clearly deliver a visual impact, then it won’t serve the purpose you want it to. Unless you have a professional graphic design person in your team, then you’ll want to invest in having this done professionally. The importance of the visualization cannot be understated.

Once your compelling data presentation has been created, it’s time to promote your content. Post the image on your website, and be sure to take a holistic approach to promoting it. From referencing the infographic on your blog to posting about it on social media, you need to be aggressive in helping the presentation gain attention. As you continue promoting it, hopefully your reach will grow alongside it. While we can’t guarantee that your infographic will go viral, we can safely say that a stunning visual design is a prerequisite to gaining wide attention.

Furthermore, partnering with professional services for your infographic will ensure that you strike the right balance between data and design. An optimized visual presentation isn’t all about the visual design, but is a powerful synergy between the two that showcases the best your business has to offer.

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