Using Google AdWords for Video to Promote Technology Firms

Monday - April 30th, 2012

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Using Google AdWords for Video to Promote Technology Firms

On April 22, 2012, Google AdWords for Video came out of the closed beta period with its official launch. An extension of the image and text-based AdWords for Search, this program allows companies to advertise via video on YouTube, the Google display network and search results. This type of video marketing can prove to be an effective way for technology firms to reach their audiences on the platforms that they use most.

Google AdWords for Video lets companies target the ideal viewers by selecting keywords, topics or refined demographics such as gender and age. This ensures that valuable marketing dollars are being well-spent on a defined niche audience. For instance, a mobile app company in the sports niche can make sure their ads are not showing in front of knitting videos. Even technology firms with a small web video marketing budget can utilize this marketing method since the TrueView ads only have to be paid for when viewers actually watch the ads.

One of the great things about Google AdWords for Video is the flexibility in terms of the type of video ad that can be displayed to viewers. Companies can hire a video production company to record customer testimonials, a how-to video that shows a product in action, a product demo, or even a more traditional type of web commerical for the company.

According to YouTube group product manager, Baljeet Singh, early data shows that these video ads cause a 20 percent spike in website traffic for a company and a five percent spike in searches for the company. Such an increase in the interest of a company can be very valuable for a new technology firm that is trying to make its name known in the marketplace. And because video marketing via AdWords is new, it is not as saturated as AdWords for search, which means less competition and bidding among advertisers.

Since Google AdWords for Video has been in beta since late 2011, only a limited number of companies have been able to leverage successful results through this type of video marketing. In fact, Google has nine different companies serving as brand ambassadors for the program. The Rokenbok toy company became a leading online provider of toys through their web video marketing campaign that demonstrates how their toys work. RevZilla, a motorcycle gear company, uses Google AdWords for Video to drive potential customers to their video product reviews and ecommerce website.

Whether a technology firm is looking to gain exposure to new customers, launch a new product or just get people talking about the company, each of those things can be accomplished with the new Google AdWords for Video.

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