Use Short Form Content Like a Pro

Thursday - April 18th, 2013

Written by: Jolleen Tran

Use Short Form Content Like a Pro

With an increased number of internet users going mobile, it’s more important than ever to use a mix of short and long form content in your online marketing. By using short form content, you engage users who are on the go. This content is easily digestible and is naturally optimized for mobile devices. Unfortunately, because the content is so brief, it also lacks the depth needed for consumers to truly relate to your brand. By balancing both short and long form content, marketers can reap the benefits of both worlds.

Options for Short Form Content

There are various options for short form content across your online platforms. Each option has its own benefits and is simple to use. As with all content you post online, consistency in terms of frequency and tone are what will largely determine your success. Increase your influence by implementing these simple elements into your social media postings.

  • GIFs. As a mix between video and image, GIFs are a fun way to engage your audience while building your brand’s presence. Major brands such as Coca Cola have used GIFs as a way to tell a story quickly and capture emotion. Because they’re so short, GIFs have to elicit some sort of reaction quickly. Since the reaction is either emotional or humorous, people find it easy to share GIFs with their friends, increasing its ability to go viral.
  • Tweets. What can get shorter than 140 characters? Or in some cases 118 characters for those who post links? While you may find it difficult to limit your brand’s thoughts to just a few words, your followers easily consume tweets. Furthermore, the nature of Twitter allows you to post and interact more frequently than you can on Facebook. Updating your brand’s Facebook page every 5 minutes would be annoying, whereas frequent tweets are welcomed.
  • Snapchat/Vine. Whether it’s photos or quick 6-second videos, mobile apps allow your brand to quickly share short form content. The erasable nature of Snapchat makes it exciting; while users are mesmerized by the creativity needed to make a good Vine video.
  • Pictures. If erasable content doesn’t cut it for you, your brand can still post pictures the old fashioned way. Whether it’s on your official website, Pinterest, Facebook, or other platforms, photos quickly capture a sentiment or moment important for your brand. Remember, if pictures say a thousand words, then they can be more powerful than your 140 character tweet!

How to Integrate Short Form Content

Now that you know some of the most popular types of short form content, it’s important to note that your online marketing shall not live on short form content alone. Integrating short form content with long form content properly is key to taking full advantage of your social media following. Because of its viral nature, consider using short form content to drive traffic to your website, blog, or other content dense sites. On the other hand, long form content should be used to build a relationship with consumers.

To maximize what these forms of content have to offer, post long form content in places where you want consumers to spend time. Whether it’s your blog or status content on your site, ensure that this long form content establishes your brand as a trusted source that the consumer can regularly visit. To drive traffic to that long form content, use short form on social media to grab and engage users. Once social media users are engaged, redirect them to the content that will sell them on your brand.

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