Tips to Engage Visitors Through Your Mobile Site

Tuesday - May 28th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Tips to Engage Visitors Through Your Mobile Site

With research showing that mobile sites are officially used more in the bedroom than televisions, it’s important to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile traffic. The paradigm of entertainment and industry is shifting at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes. While we had to worry about desktop optimization a few years ago, now mobile optimization is just as important. Since sites load differently for mobile devices than they do for desktops, it’s important to implement certain elements to engage visitors and encourage loyal fans.

Since the average internet user only stays on a page for 10-20 seconds before deciding to leave, you have to engage visitors quickly. Furthermore, once you convince them to stay on your site, you’ll want to create a mobile site that encourages them to return time and time again.

Optimize Your Mobile Site To Build a Following

The key element to remember about online media – particularly mobile devices – is that it’s all about engagement and consumer interaction. With only a stroke of the finger separating a user and your brand, make your mobile experience so engaging that they’ll want to return. Consider making your mobile site more appealing through:

  • Automated social media. Allowing your site to connect to Facebook and Twitter automatically makes your site convenient and easy to use. Furthermore, allowing consumers to easily share stories and content increases the reach of your brand. If you have content that allows comments, allowing a Facebook connection makes it easy for people to comment while helping you gain exposure.
  • Apps. Providing users the opportunity to download a free app from your brand makes it more likely that they’ll interact with you in the future. Whether it’s an app that simplifies the shopping process or an app that provides regularly updated content, you want to increase the number of ways that you connect with consumers.
  • Interactive content. Games and polls are the most popular interactive content that keep users feeling engaged with your brand. Be sure to enact automated social media for interactive content. For instance, allow users the option to share their high scores for games or share a poll with their Facebook friends. These are natural, nonintrusive options that allow you to build your reach.
  • Mobile exclusives. Whether it’s a free coupon or an article only readable on a mobile device, give users a reason to visit your mobile site. People love freebies, so the more that you stress you’re giving these exclusives away for free or for a good deal, the better consumers will respond.
  • Optimized connection with other apps. Does your site include a click-to-call? In other words, can consumers click on your phone number on your mobile site to call you immediately? Or does your site automatically link to the Maps app so that consumers can find directions to your store? Be sure to connect your mobile site with these built-in apps for convenience!

The Key Difference Between Mobile and Desktop

While the desktop experience focuses on gathering user information so that you can market to them repeatedly, the mobile experience focuses on engaging and transforming the user experience. Especially as smartphones and touch screens consume a larger share of the market, user interaction is becoming a key distinction between successful and struggling online campaigns.


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