The "perfect storm" of digital marketing

Monday - August 13th, 2012

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

The "perfect storm" of digital marketing

Planning the "perfect storm" of digital marketing takes forethought, adequate planning, and perfect product placement. While this seems like a no-brainer and simple enough to accomplish, the right strategy is all in the details and not so much in the advertising. P&G launched a digital marketing campaign in June of this year that is an excellent example of ad campaigns, connections through social media, and marketing strategies that have a global impact.

With a focus on the Olympics in London and the difference moms make in their children’s lives, P&G built an entire structure around the topic with the hopes of generating millions of dollars. The company effectively used the momentum of Olympic athletes from around the world and used the social media sites from the home countries of every P&G sponsored athlete. Since P&G is a global brand, they were able to draw a connection with so many countries on the basis of how important a mom can be to the growth of a child.

P&G launched the campaign in June (note – the original campaign was launched for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver – 2010), so they were able to garner attention well before the Olympics started. The campaigns increased the anticipation of the events and added another layer to the athletes’ lives. By introducing a unique backstory for so many athletes, P&G was able to connect on an emotional level with its audience. Check out one of the "mom-umentaries" developed for the campaign.

Watch again how P&G plays on the emotive connections the world has with the Olympics and then markets its products. It’s smooth and seamless and very effective.

But, what about the "perfect storm" for small businesses?

Sure, P&G, Microsoft, IBM, General Electric and a host of other companies can show you how it’s done from start to finish. But, what if you don’t have millions to spend on a campaign that effectively intersects all of these digital outlets? Well, there are still some lessons to be learned from these large companies. Here are a few key takeaways from the P&G campaign that apply to small businesses as well:

  • Your message needs to be current and relevant. The digital world is a fast-paced environment. The messaging within your campaign needs to be current and relevant to demonstrate that you are in tune with your audience. P&G recognized the timely connection between the Olympics and one of their primary target audiences – moms.
  • Your message needs to be believable. In order to be believable, you should dig deep and figure out why your company is in business. I know, most of us are not solving the mystery of life. And very few of us are brain surgeons. However, your product or service fulfills a need, otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. Be transparent and develop a message speaking to how you solve a problem. Every day, P&G’s products impact moms and this latest campaign shows how the organization feels about its most valued customer.
  • Your message needs to have a common thread.If you’re looking to develop a campaign for a variety of outlets (i.e., television, social media, web and more), then it needs to have a simple consistent message. For P&G, they simply said….”Thank you, mom.”

All in all, most companies won’t have the deep pockets of P&G; however, you can still emulate many of the characteristics of this campaign. Building a brand takes time and certainly can cost money, but focusing on what is believable and matters most to your audience can be a great start.

And, before I forget. Thank you, mom.

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