How to Successfully Launch a New Website

Tuesday - October 22nd, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

How to Successfully Launch a New Website

Whether you’re re-imagining your company’s image or are investing in a website for the first time, it’s important to have a strong launch for your site! Just as you would celebrate the grand opening of a new office, it’s important to launch your site to fanfare and strategic marketing efforts. After all, this is a new opportunity for you to reach and engage customers, so it’s important to take advantage of everything this avenue has to offer.


What to Do Before Your New Website Launch

Before launching your new website, you’ll want to understand your audience so that you can accurately execute the new site. Assess audience data by running surveys and defining current areas of need. By measuring these metrics and then addressing them in the way that you design the new site, you can ensure that the launch will fill any needs not being addressed.

Also consider whether or not you want to evolve your customer base as you grow your business, which could determine how you create your new website as well. Understanding your audience will help make it easier to measure the success of your site and garner feedback during the launch. If you haven’t already, be sure to use this time to gather some testimonials for the new site. The more that you can sprinkle testimonials throughout the site, the better you can build confidence among web users by differentiating your brand and product.

Be sure to release teasers of your new site to get your customers excited. Whether it’s a series of blog posts up to the new site launch or an orchestrated social media campaign, the reality is that you need to keep pushing that “big news” is coming. It will get people excited, talking, and tuned for the upcoming launch.


What to Do During the Website Launch

You’ll want to take this opportunity to get as much exposure for your brand as possible. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of an online press release, for instance, to announce the launch of the new site, which will also inevitably create free traffic and attention. Furthermore, consider having an event. If you have a local shop, why not throw a “real life” launch party for local customers? Perhaps you could even create a week-long sale and allow consumers to benefit from your generous discounts.

A new website is incredibly exciting, so you want to be sure to celebrate and give opportunities for your customers to be excited about the new website as well.


What to Do After the Website Launch

Perhaps the most important aspect of launching a website is checking in with the success of your investment. How are consumers responding to the new site? Of course, using Google Analytics is great ways to easily see how new features are impacting the way that users interact with your brand. Be sure to keep it fresh by investing in content marketing efforts as well. Consistently updated blog posts and social media sites will create an image that’s fresh and lively, thereby keeping consumers engaged with your brand.

In the days following the launch, you’ll hear about any inefficiencies or mistakes throughout the site – there are bound to be some, so don’t be dismayed! Just be sure to address any concerns immediately as you transition into a newer online image for your brand! Good luck!

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