How to Keep Subscribers Reading Your Emails in 2013

Friday - July 12th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

How to Keep Subscribers Reading Your Emails in 2013

From social media to increased resources on the internet, consumers have more options and distractions than ever before. This can be frustrating for marketers who have spent years building up valuable email lists. Whether you have an existing email list or are in the process of building one, knowing how to optimize your email marketing can make a major difference in ROI results.

First, let’s discuss what’s stayed the same. Regardless of the evolution of online marketing, there are basic principals that define a successful email marketing campaign. These include:

  • Purpose. What’s the email about? Instead of pumping out mass emails for the sake of marketing to your subscriber list, having a clear purpose will make the message more effective.
  • Usefulness. Why should the subscriber care about your email? The purpose of your email marketing should be targeted toward engaging and relating to interested leads.
  • Action. When you have a useful purpose for the email, it’s easier to convince people to take action – and you do want them to take action! Including a CTA in your email marketing is as popular and effective as ever!

While many elements of email content remain the same, the method in which consumers digest this information has changed. The pace of the online world continues to get quicker and quicker and the attention spans of your consumers continue to shrink. Here are a few elements of email marketing that have changed:

  • Mobile. More people use smartphones and mobile devices to browse the web and check email than ever before. This means that any landing pages you link to from a marketing email must also be optimized for mobile devices.
  • Crispness. Online users are smarter than they were a decade ago. Furthermore, short form content is beginning to dominate the web. This means that marketers must focus on a crisp, concise message as well as catchy subject lines.
  • No fold. Since users are reading emails on laptops, desktops, cell phones, and other mobile devices, it’s difficult to determine where “the fold” is. In other words, there’s more focus on creating a compelling email from start to finish instead of placing all of your key points “above the fold.”

What This Means for Email Marketers

The evolution of the web means that marketers should treat their emails as part of their content creation campaigns. It’s more about truly engaging and useful content than it is about the traditional marketing tactics. So how can you ensure valuable content for your subscribers?

  • Acknowledge the importance of good data. As the web continues to expand, the importance of niche marketing grows similarly. This means that your subscribers are targeted more than ever before, so mining for compelling data organically to include in your emails is a great strategy to capture their attention.
  • Say thank you. Be sure to thank consumers for their purchases with you – and include promotional codes in your emails. Consumers love freebies and promotional codes are an incredible tool to drive subscribers to take action.
  • Measure success. Whether they’re long or short-term goals, it’s crucial to measure the results of your email marketing campaigns. By studying the analytics, you can continue tweaking your emails to accomplish results that work best for your brand and your subscribers.

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” for email marketing, keeping these considerations in mind will certainly help enhance your marketing efforts. Have you incorporated any of these elements yet?

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