How to Keep Marketing Automation Efforts Moving Forward

Monday - July 29th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

How to Keep Marketing Automation Efforts Moving Forward

Automated marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tactics available, especially when you consider the ROI for the effort involved. However, because automated marketing revolves around an existing email list, it’s easy to focus too much on your current subscribers and forget about growing your marketing efforts. This leads to stagnation when your marketing efforts should be about growing your business.

In order to keep your automated marketing efforts moving forward, it’s crucial to understand what’s holding them back. Common problems with automated marketing include:

  • Natural decay. It’s estimated that approximately 25% of subscribers unsubscribe from email marketing lists throughout the course of the year. Since marketing automation doesn’t automatically add to your email lists and your lists will naturally shrink, there’s decreasing return unless you purposefully work to grow your lists.
  • Consumer options. The evolution of the web has given users more control than ever before when it comes to their inboxes. In other words, consumers can filter out any unwanted communications. Though you’re doing your job sending out regular marketing emails, auto-filters and priority inboxes mean that the recipient might not even read your email.
  • Too much focus on the strategy. It’s a common temptation to focus on the unimportant details, such as how often to send an automated email. Don’t get us wrong – this is a valuable consideration – but don’t let it replace the “meat” of the email. Brands often forget the value of strong content when they rely too heavily on automated marketing. Focus on an optimized email, not irrelevant content.
  • Forgetting your best customers. Once your email marketing works and creates a purchase, it’s important to deepen the customer relationship and drive repeat transactions. Unfortunately, keeping existing customers on your automated list doesn’t reflect the holistic customer experience and ignores those who have already done business with you. Instead, these relationships should be personalized.
  • No personality. Just because your email marketing is automated, it doesn’t mean that it has to be robotic. Instead, businesses should truly focus on building that personal relationship as best they can with their customers. Unless they are particularly well thought-out, automated emails can come across as generic.

So how do you solve these issues? Simple: treat automated email marketing as part of your content strategy. Just as good content grabs attention, engages the reader, and inspires action, so will strong automated marketing generate and convert leads in the long run. To accomplish this, it’s crucial to do your homework and understand exactly what subscribers of your email list find valuable and relevant. Furthermore, think about the future, not now, so that you can create an automated email campaign that has long-lasting value.

Creating a plan and vision for your automated email campaign will ensure that you accomplish these goals. As you keep content the primary focus of your automated marketing campaign, also keep the rise of mobile users in mind. Since mobile users compose a larger number of the internet audience than ever before, emails should be crafted keeping them in mind. Since it’s impossible to predict what platform or device will be used to read your email, there’s a greater focus on valuable content than anything else!

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