How to Improve Conversion Rates with Compelling Typography

Tuesday - May 21st, 2013

Written by: Jolleen Tran

How to Improve Conversion Rates with Compelling Typography

It’s easy to think about all the big elements in web design such as page layout and content – but the beauty is truly found in the details. Using inspiring typography catches visitor’s attention and can even increase conversion rates. Finding the perfect typography for your brand subtly adds life to the page and can revolutionize the user experience. This is exactly why typography has been called the “foundation of web design.”

When there are so many elements calling for attention on your web page, typography easily grabs user attention and let’s them know exactly where to look. It’s visually compelling and further ingrains the essence of your brand in the eye of the customer. Whether you use large or small font, dark or bright colors, the typography you select has a major impact on your site’s effectiveness.

Elements of Successful Typography

For typography to be successful, it has to mesh with the overall image and branding of your site. While there are many beautiful typography options, they can seem out of place if they aren’t incorporated correctly. To inspire your site’s visitors with typography, remember to:

  • Keep it big. Large font draws attention. End of story. No matter where you place it, content that is bigger than everything else on the page will grab attention first. This is crucial if you’re making a CTA, promoting content, or simply want something to be seen. Now, this doesn’t mean you should make everything on your site big, especially since this will negate the effect of this strategy. Instead, only enlarge the elements that you want visitors to focus on.
  • Personalize it. Unless your business is as boring as Times New Roman, you’ll want to vary the typography used. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Times New Roman (it’s standard for a reason!), but spruce things up throughout the site.
  • Be consistent. Just because you’re sprucing up the typography on the site, it doesn’t mean that every element needs to be different. Instead, be consistent by using the same typography for similar page elements. For instance, unify the menu options, blog posts, and product descriptions with the same typography. Visitors will catch onto the fact that each element is visually distinguished.
  • Go customized. If you’re a really quirky brand with a lot of personality, don’t be afraid to have typography customized just for you! Perhaps none of the options quite fit the design of your site. Using unique typography helps distinguish you from competitors.
  • Keep focus. Using large fonts and beautiful typography will be in vain if you don’t have a clear focus – and you keep a clear focus by keeping the page clear. Don’t clutter the page with too much content. Allow the typography to shine and enhance the content you want to highlight.
  • Use typography as a design element. Typography is visual. Thing of it as part of your web design. When you do this, you’ll be able to pick lettering that beautifully compliments all of your other page elements.
  • Consider your brand. A corporate business will use typography differently from a local coffee shop. Of course, there are many large corporations that use typography effectively, but every industry has a visual standard. Yes, you want your brand to be different and creative, but you want to be professional according to your industry as well.
  • Salute the logo. Consider the logo of your brand. Is it possible to reflect your brand’s logo through the typography that you select? If so, this creates incredible consistency in branding for your business.
  • Incorporate color. Typography isn’t just about the way the text looks – it’s the way that color flows into it as well. Do you have a title and a subtitle on your page? Consider differentiating the two with varying colors. Little details like this have subtle but major impacts.
  • Spacing. Remember to use whitespace to keep your typography nicely organized. This allows you to highlight certain content and guide users’ eyes exactly where you want them to go.

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