How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

Thursday - May 9th, 2013

Written by: Alisa Vossen

How to Become an Expert in Your Niche

Chances are that you’re already an expert in your niche – or else you wouldn’t have an online presence dedicated to it. Unfortunately, repurposing your knowledge for online content is a challenge that many experts face. While it’s easy to share your insight person-to-person with a client, sharing this expertise with the world through content isn’t as simple. It can be difficult to know where to start or what to say. Since the internet is open to anyone, you don’t know how in-depth or broad your content could be. With so many factors in the online world, where do you begin?

How to Sound Like an Expert

In “real life,” you’re a physical trainer or some other expert who interacts with clients on a day-to-day basis. You can answer questions directly and know exactly how to direct your knowledge. Despite being an expert, however, your online content is missing something. It lacks that spark that makes it unique, likable, shareable.

The problem isn’t how much or how little you know. Rather, the secret is knowing how to focus. To sound like an expert, add focus to your:

  • Content creation strategy. Instead of covering a broad range, focus on a specific topic and elaborate on that. For instance, instead of creating content on health in general, you can focus on weight loss. Furthermore, you can focus on calorie counting, the types of food eating, the benefits of multivitamins and supplements, and much more! While it seems counterintuitive, zoning into a specific topic broadens the range of what you can post about!
  • Forecasting. A key element of any expert is that they can forecast trends in their industry. Financial experts, for instance, make many predictions concerning the stock and housing markets. Likewise, to increase your authority and credibility, add forecasting to your content.
  • Secrets. Everyone loves to know a good secret. Whether it’s weight loss secrets or the strategy secrets of millionaires, everyone wants the inside scoop. Branding a few of your posts as “secrets” or “insights” vastly increases readability while boosting your credibility. After all, only the experts know the secrets, right?
  • Emails. If you have an email list, ensure that every email you send out is focused. It’s tempting to send out mass-marketing emails to engage subscribers, but if the email is generic and blatantly so, the consumer will learn to ignore your messages. If your emails are filled with useful contents such as tips, then consumers will continue opening them as long as you send them. Again, let’s suppose you run a site for fitness. Sending out a weekly tip on surprising ways to burn calories will get read more than a weekly email simply promoting your site.

Why It’s Important to Sound Like an Expert

The paradigm in online marketing is shifting. Content is suddenly more important than ever before, and one of the keys to successful content is maintaining the voice of an expert. Posting content that people benefit from and enjoy reading establishes trust. Remember, before a consumer will choose to spend money with your brand, they must trust you first. Establishing an expert voice in your online content allows you to build a connection of trust with potential consumers.

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