How to Be Exciting in a Boring Industry

Thursday - December 19th, 2013

Written by: Rob Ruscher

How to Be Exciting in a Boring Industry

Just because you work in a “boring” industry and none of your competitors are engaging in groundbreaking marketing, it doesn’t mean that you should accept the status quo. Working in a “boring” industry actually gives your brand incredible creative license to create a dynamic and compelling web presence, marketing campaign, and brand image.

Invest in Data Visualization
Whether it’s through infographics or compelling video content, data visualization is an incredible way to add excitement to your marketing campaign. Remember, humans are visually driven, so anything visually appealing will immediately garner interest. However, imagery alone isn’t enough to create a compelling marketing strategy.

Instead, consider taking a unique spin on common data in your industry. Perhaps you’re connecting the dots on a certain issue or pointing out unusual industry trends. It’s equally important to focus on compelling data as you utilize data visualization to drive interest in your brand.

Involve Your Audience
Even if you work in a “boring” industry, chances are that your consumers and clients will have questions about your products, services, and brand. Be sure to answer these questions and engage your audience on a regular basis. Consistent content marketing provides value and ensures that consumers have something to look forward to. By interacting with your reading audience, you give them a reason to stay interested and begin a conversation with you. An online conversation will eventually lead to a professional relationship and hopefully a lifelong loyal customer.

Be Human
Industries that are “boring” in nature tend to lack human interaction or elements that define humanity. By simply being human and adding unabashed personality to your brand, you’ll immediately distinguish yourselves from competitors in the industry.  Remember, consumers base most of their purchasing decisions on emotional connection and what they feel, so it’s important for your brand to have as many human qualities as possible.

Invest in Content Marketing
If your brand isn’t already engaged in content marketing, this could be an opportunity that adds incredible excitement to your brand and your industry. Strategic content marketing will position your brand as an authoritative voice in its industry that consumers will go to when they have questions that need to be answered.

Aside from adding interest, content marketing also provides extensive SEO and traffic benefits. This gives brands multiple benefits and increases the efficiency of any ongoing marketing efforts. Since content marketing adds long-term value, it’s important to focus on making this content as exciting as possible. Through varied pieces of content that range from video to blog posts, brands can ensure that they excite audiences as much as possible.

Consider Using the Shock Factor
For brands that want to take an extra risk, using shock is a great way to grab attention and garner interest. This is why more and more brands are engaging in prankvertising and outrageous stunts to capture consumer attention. Even if your brand doesn’t engage in prankvertising, there are many ways to incorporate the shock factor to drive attention and excitement to your brand.

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