How Podcasts Can Grow Your Business

Thursday - February 14th, 2013

Written by: Jolleen Tran

How Podcasts Can Grow Your Business

When businesses think about social media, they often think about larger avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These platforms allow businesses to reach mass audiences quickly. While other social media mediums such as podcasts may touch a smaller audience, the niche is more defined, thereby making the content more effective.

Consider that in 2012, approximately 50.4 percent of American consumers used smartphones on a regular basis. Smartphones are designed to be the perfect vehicle to broadcast podcasts. This means that the potential audience for your business’ podcast is over half the nation! Of course, you’re not going to get half the nation to tune into your podcast, but this is a clear indicator of the growing popularity of podcasts.

Develop Your Niche

The people who take the time to download or tune into live broadcast are more engaged than the average consumer. They’re not looking for generic information. Rather, these are the folks who are already knowledgeable about your niche and are seeking quality content.

This gives your business the opportunity to develop and create valuable conversations for your niche. It’s tempting to immediately talk about the products and services offered by your company, but instead of focusing on sales, take the time to truly expand on topics of interest in your industry. For instance, a real estate firm would benefit from discussing mortgage payments, how to refinance a home, what to look for when moving to a new community, and other specific topics.

To fully develop your niche:

Be specific. Those tuning into your podcast are already your target audience. They are interested in the products or services you provide. Gain their trust and attention by freely giving useful content.
Invite guests. Inviting guests to the podcast not only provides excitement and a new twist to the program, it allows you to provide expert advice to the audience. Guests should be experts in their respective fields or important people that you and your business can develop a relationship with.
Be a guest. As your business grows its podcast, don’t be afraid to be a guest on other programs that are already established. Not only does this provide networking within your industry, this allows you to reach an already engaged audience that you wouldn’t have accessed otherwise.

Continue Your Story

Podcasts are a unique opportunity for businesses to truly tell their story. Unlike articles or videos where the content is pre-packaged, podcasts allow companies to use an authentic voice. Unlike the written word, the spoken word has a greater potential to be intimate. Audiences can hear the power and emotion behind words. If audience members are allowed to call into the program, this provides greater opportunity to listen to your audience and engage with them.

During this process, remembering to address the struggles of your target customer strengthens your brand and its story. All marketing goals are aimed towards building that customer to business relationship, and podcasts allow businesses to remove any filters and truly target consumer needs.

Furthermore, since podcasts are filled with more granular and specific content than Facebook or Twitter posts, they can help establish your business as a thought leader in the industry. Companies that provide free coaching via podcast are often regarded as companies with wisdom, and establish their authority in their niche.

Has your business taken advantage of all the benefits podcasts have to offer?

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