Give Consumers a Starring Role

Thursday - March 28th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Give Consumers a Starring Role

Just as interactive content engages internet users, interactive stories capture the attention of potential consumers. Giving customers a central role in the story allows them to envision exactly why they need your services or products. To fully engage the audience, remember to make your brand’s story epic.

Experience. Does the story allow the audience to imagine themselves using your brand? Create an experience that is focused on true content, not advertising.
Personalize. If consumers are engaged on a personal level, they are more likely to return and share the experience with their friends. In turn, this builds a community and could be the beginning of a loyal following for your brand and its story.
Incentivize. Why should people invest in your brand? Is it the quality that you provide? The innovation? Give people a reason to care.
Continuity. You’ve finally gotten the attention of the audience. Now don’t let go! You’ve worked hard to get here, so keep posting those blogs, weekly videos, or whatever it is that engages your consumers on a regular basis.

Epic branding gives consumers a starring role in your brand’s story, allowing them to envision it as a part of their life.


Your company’s mission statement – or story – should clearly answer why your brand does what it does. Consumers want to know why you offer the services you do and why they should be passionate about it as well.

Share the “why” of your story in distinctive ways such as videos and photos. When designing your website, be sure content on the home page covers the why of your story or at least ensure that the mission of your brand is within close navigation proximity.

Does your brand’s story engage consumers?

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