Getting the Right Content to the Right People

Tuesday - March 5th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Getting the Right Content to the Right People

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, what’s the difference? Many business people who are new to the idea of content marketing often wonder what the difference between all of these platforms really is. Well, as it turns out, there are some major differences.

The differences aren’t just in the type of people that you find in each of these platforms. The type of content you share, the results you can expect, and the social “etiquette” that goes along with each of these platforms varies widely. If you’re new to content marketing and social media, this can be an introduction and resource hub for the future.


  • Who’s There? Well, how’s “everyone” for an answer? But, to get a little more specific, brands on Facebook are about to see some big changes. If you’re thinking about jumping in at this point, you need to prepare yourself with this article from Business Insider.
  • What Do I Share? Facebook users want to stay on Facebook; they don’t want to be rocketed off to your website. Share interesting facts and engaging questions your audience will be interested in.
  • What Can I Ask? Everyone can expect increased brand awareness, and B2C companies can expect a boost in sales… if they post great content and integrate with an ecommerce platform.
  • How Often? It’s okay to post 1-2 times per day or 4-5 times per week. Find out why.


  • Who’s There? Again, “everyone.” More specifically, you’re going to find a lot more companies on Twitter than on Facebook. So, if you’re a B2B company (or B2C company), then Twitter is almost certainly going to be your #1 platform.
  • What Do I Share? Interesting thoughts under 140 characters, as well as links to your blog posts, articles related to your industry, etc.
  • What Can I Ask? This is the platform where you can really encourage users to come back to your website. Users are on Twitter to be shot off to other places on the web. It’s not exactly a hangout space like Facebook.
  • How Often? Businesses that tweet 4-5 times per day seem to have the highest success rates.


  • Who’s There? In our last blog post we covered the rapid growth of Instagram (currently around 90 million users). Instagram is primarily used by end-consumers, but more and more companies are developing a presence on the platform.
  • What Do I Share? For the answer to this question, check out our seven types of content (in the last blog post). Basically, you can’t go wrong showcasing your products, highlighting your brand lifestyle, and sharing whatever’s going on around the office!
  • What Can I Ask? Right now, Instagram is more about brand awareness than anything else. Don’t expect to see a very direct, measurable ROI right now. However, we expect that to change by the end of 2013.
  • How Often? Posting 2-3 times per day is fine.

What platforms are you thinking about using in 2013? Share your opinion about choosing the right content channel below!

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