Effective digital marketing strategies make the difference

Monday - June 11th, 2012

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Effective digital marketing strategies make the difference

Throughout the previous decade, technological innovation has changed the way marketing is done. Many of the traditional methods of marketing have fallen by the wayside in order to accommodate the digital world. The latest advances involving online communication has changed the way that information is shared. The ever-growing reliance on digital media has made digital marketing an absolute necessity for most businesses.

At the same time, many businesses are streamlining their operations out of sheer necessity. As businesses learn to do more with less, their budgets shrink and their staff numbers become smaller each year. Promotion through online communications represents an inexpensive and effective alternative to traditional methods. However, businesses must learn how to harness the power of digital marketing before it is able to make a difference in their bottom line and reputation.

The approach to digital marketing shares a number of similarities to traditional media marketing. As with any marketing campaign, effective market research determines the best approach. No matter the type of digital marketing, the basic building blocks still apply:

  • Research your target audience and observe their interactions with online media.
  • Set a series of reasonable goals and metrics for your online campaign.
  • Work within your budget to create and manage a digital marketing campaign with the help of our creative team.
  • Follow-up and collect data to determine the results of that campaign.
  • Online videos are one of the many ways you can attract more visitor attention to your business. Many companies have found that creating YouTube videos featuring their products and services helped attract more visitors to their website. Hosting online videos on their own webpage also improved their search engine rankings. Search engine providers like Google are constantly on the lookout for unique and original content.

Online web video is a popular and surprisingly effective online marketing strategy. In fact, several studies have shown that:

  • Compared to traditional webpages, video search results are more likely to receive an organic first page ranking.
  • Visitors who are exposed to product videos are far more likely to purchase the items featured than those who rely solely on product descriptions and pictures.
  • 59 percent of senior executives are more likely to view videos instead of reading text if both are featured on the same page.

It is not just online web videos you should focus on when creating an effective digital marketing plan. E-mail marketing and mobile marketing are also important tools for reaching new markets and developing brand recognition. Search engine optimization is also an effective digital marketing tactic that raises your website’s online profile and directs more prospects to your products and services. Proper keyword placement, solid web design and effective external links are just a few of the many strategies your business needs for success.

Social media is another digital marketing strategy your business can take advantage of. Recent polls show that approximately 61 percent of Americans use social media sites to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Americans also use Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to become better informed on a variety of topics as well as business products and services. Our social media marketing strategies can help your business effectively interact with customers and prospects.

Ultimately, it is important to have a solid digital marketing strategy as you implement various marketing initiatives.

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