Campaign Highlight: Under Armour’s “I Will”

Monday - May 6th, 2013

Written by: Rob Ruscher

Campaign Highlight: Under Armour’s “I Will”

A cool commercial isn’t easy to do. What’s even harder is creating an excellent campaign. Although it sounds vague, the best way to describe the new Under Armour campaign is cool. I would say it is great, entertaining, and works.

The Under Armour brand produces high end products for competitive athletes. Their clothing is known to be extremely comfortable and is made to perform under extreme conditions in any weather. With that in mind, campaigns they do create, need to include great athletes, high energy and passion. I think they were extremely successful on all accounts on their ‘I Will’ campaign. Let’s dive into why this campaign worked, and continues to work.

Social Media

At the most basic level, Under Armour’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have incorporated the campaign. Although all their posts aren’t related to “I Will”, there are a lot of them. More importantly, their cover photos are part of that campaign. I do want you to notice the quality of the pictures. They aren’t sub par photos that were taken with an iPhone. Phone pictures are ok but not for every image. These well thought out, quality images, have consumers staying on the page longer, and clicking through the photo albums to see more.

On a recent Facebook post, they made a competition for people to share a picture of themselves wearing UA gear with “#IWILL” branded on the photo. What’s great is you get more people involved, and you incorporate a Twitter hashtag to push more traffic onto your Twitter account. Speaking of Twitter, related tweets ended with #IWILL, in order to build a following. This is a great way to cycle an audience to both Facebook and Twitter.


Now for my favorite part of any campaign, the videos. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, here is my favorite one below:

Amazing right? If you want to see more, check out their Youtube Playlist! Anyone that has played a competitive sport is probably pretty pumped up right now. Even if you haven’t competed in sports, the music should get your blood going. If you notice, all the videos that feature one athlete, uses the same music. I am a big fan of this. After reading comments and talking with people, I know I am not the only one that wants to go to the gym after watching this. It makes me want to run, lift and play sports. Although all the athletes are wearing UA gear, the video in no way forces or for lack of better words: shove it down your throat to buy UA gear. As an educated consumer, I like that. Notice how each video has that certain drive and passion for the athlete. On top of that, it looks amazing. The story and content is key, however, if these videos were low quality the affect would be much different. The videos have a certain ‘in your face’ and grit to it. Each video substantially conveys the story of working hard and doing everything you can to succeed. This is a great message for any athlete! Can you imagine this video shot in standard definition with no artistic value? I wouldn’t be writing about this campaign if that were true.


Although the videos are my favorite part of this campaign, the website is a very close second. I am not talking about the standard UA website, I am talking about the “I Will” website. Not really sure where to start with the website because I am such a fan. You have an extremely interactive website, with a clear message that doesn’t shove the products in your face. The first thing you see is “I WILL”. All caps and bold. Underneath has a very clear purpose of UA. “Our job is to make you better. To make all athletes better. One great innovation at a time.” I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to scroll down to see more.

The first athlete that appears is undefeated Mexican professional boxer, Canelo Alvarez. His video begins with a quote. The video unconsciously make you want to follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook. Underneath the social media links, there is a video that is part of the series we talked about above. By the watch and band around his chest, there is a “+” and when you click it, you get brought to the site where you can find more on the gear and even purchase it.

Scroll down again and you get more information on the athlete, and you can click on his shorts to get more information on those too. With the next scroll, you find out what is around his chest and can click for more details. The final scroll highlights his shoes. Scroll down once more and you now are introduced to the next athlete, Bryce Harper. There is a same set up for each athlete, and you can click on the athlete you want to see on the left.

Final Thoughts

This campaign is amazing for so many reasons; what stands out to me is how rich in media every aspect is. Not only is there a lot of it, but it is presented in a very high quality. The videos, pictures, and the website are all the reason to check out this campaign. When creating your own campaign, use Under Armour’s “I Will” campaign as a great example of what to do. Be sure to check back next time for my highlight on Lincoln Car Company.

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