Best Times to Send Email Newsletters to Corporate Clients

Tuesday - November 6th, 2012

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Best Times to Send Email Newsletters to Corporate Clients

When you want to send out an email to all of your corporate clients, you probably want to make sure it is seen by the most amount of people as possible, right? Well, one of the best ways to make sure the most amount of people open your email is by sending the newsletter at the right time. But, what is the right time?

According to recent information shared by GetResponse, over 23 percent of all emails that are opened occur within the first hour. After two hours, it drops significantly, all the way down to just over nine percent. The third and fourth hour percentages come in at 6 percent and almost 5 percent, respectively. That is a massive drop from the first to second hour, so it is easy to see why it is so important to deliver the message in a “sweet spot”.

Sending emails to corporate clients is different from regular email marketing, so it is important to consider how a typical corporate day works. It should come at no surprise that the highest open and click times come around 8am and 9am, since that is when most people are arriving to the office and checking their emails. Making sure that an email to your client arrives right when they are walking in the door is very important, since catching them before they start their day can greatly affect how they view the email. Getting an important message out to them in the morning can result in a scheduled meeting and possibly taking action later that day.

Focusing more on clicks (user takes action once opening the email), the next two highest click times occur at 3pm and 8pm. Around 3pm, employees are usually winding down for the day and checking their email to see what may be of importance. Catching corporate customers at this point in time will help shape their decisions for the next day. Furthermore, at 8pm, employees are winding down for the night and have the most time available – that is why you see a spike in the numbers.

So, how can you take advantage of this? Well, you will definitely want to schedule all of your mailings with some of these key timeframes in mind. Most email marketing platforms will give you the ability to schedule when you send out your emails. We recently wrote a blog post discussing various email marketing solutions that give you the capability to segment your customers and schedule email newsletters.

Oh…and one final thought regarding timing. It is best to segment your corporate list if you work in different time zones, because if you are sending out email at 9am EST, it will hit the PST zone at 6am, resulting in fewer opens and clicks. If possible, separate your corporate clients into different timezones to take advantage of more valuable times.

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