Avoid These Common Web Content Mistakes

Monday - September 30th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

Avoid These Common Web Content Mistakes

One of the most overlooked elements of web design is the content of the page itself. Sure, we invest time and resources into content marketing, but it’s easy to forget about the quality of our web content. The reality is, though, that content is one of the most influential elements of any website. Whether it’s a regularly curated blog or brilliantly designed call-to-actions, it’s what drives people to take action, engage, and do business with your brand online.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your business is consistently on the forefront of useful content for consumers.

  1. Avoid thinking about the search engines. This may seem counterintuitive, especially since we know all of the great SEO benefits that content has to offer. However, focusing too heavily on the search engines will result in content that is keyword stuffed and stiffly written. Instead, focus on a clear topic of value for consumers and focus on SEO considerations after the content has clearly been written for your consumer’s benefit. By putting value first and SEO second, the irony is that SEO benefits even more!
  2. Get to the point. In essays, novels, and other forms of content, there’s a lot of exposition. On the web, brands don’t have that leisure. Because attention spans are so short and you want to decrease your bounce rate, it’s incredibly important not only to get to the point as quickly as possible, but make that point incredibly apparent and obvious for readers.
  3. Stop being boring. Now, we’re not saying you should be controversial, but you can if you want to be! From engaging in humor to trying to shock readers with mind-blowing statistics, try finding ways to make your content exciting. Remember, if people visit your blog and find it boring, chances are they won’t visit again. But if you provide valuable content in an interesting way, you can rest assured that they’ll return time and time again!
  4. Don’t self promote – at least not shamelessly. This is a hard one for many businesses to understand. After all, you are publishing content to grow your brand, right? But the reality is that salesy language is a huge turnoff for web users and should be avoided. Focus on value and helpfulness and consumers will keep coming back and maybe turn into paying customers in the process!
  5. Try not to use jargon. If you’ve been working in your industry for many years, then chances are that you’re familiar with jargon that the general public is not. In other words, while industry-related jargon might be common sense for you, your target audience might not know what those terms mean!
  6. Doing it yourself. Of course, you can always do anything yourself, especially if you have an expert and the resources in-house. However, if you have no experience with content writing or SEO, you’ll probably see a better ROI by investing in professional services to handle this for you.
  7. Avoid too much linking. You’ll want to link to other pages in your site. But similar to keyword stuffing, you don’t want to waste or spam links. A balance must be achieved!

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