All Eyes on Apple – Predicting the Next Trends in Web Design

Tuesday - July 23rd, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

All Eyes on Apple – Predicting the Next Trends in Web Design

Established as an innovative leader in the tech industry, Apple’s revelation of iOS7 provides many peeks into the future trends of web design. As a leader in software and imaging, Apple has often been ahead of the trend when it comes to design. Just as the smartphone market works tirelessly to keep pace with Apple’s innovation, the company similarly sets the visual standard. So what can we learn from iOS7?

2D is the New 3D

The most noticeable change in the iOS7 design is how flat everything is. Despite the skeuomorphic design quieting down, Apple still isn’t completely embracing the minimalist trend. Sure, the icons have lost their bubbly nature, but the flat design seems more like a facelift than a major overhaul. Subtle techniques are used to make the interface seem more alive despite the flatter design – and it’s likely that more websites will follow suite.

The Marketing Department Was Involved

One of the most surprising revelations about iOS7 is the fact that it isn’t the brainchild of Apple’s renowned designers but the work of their marketing department. This revelation stresses the importance of intertwining brand image with marketing efforts. In fact, it even makes it easier for the marketing department to take advantage of this new design as a marketing ploy, so to speak.

Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal

If Apple’s iOS7 design looks familiar to Android users, it’s because many of its ideas were borrowed from their competitors, such as Microsoft, Google, and Palm. However, instead of simply borrowing ideas, Apple worked diligently to incorporate original elements to distinguish iOS7 from the others. Still, this is a reminder that companies should always be aware of their competitors and which way the market is trending. Instead of simply seeking inspiration from competitors, see what they’re doing and how you can make it better.

Transparency is the New Privacy

If there are 50 shades of gray, then there are 50 shades of transparency in the new iOS7 design. From panels to navigation bars, transparency is everywhere in the new iPhone design. By incorporating transparency, the experience becomes more cohesive and nothing is too obtrusive on the screen.

Whitespace is Valued

For years, black has been the color that conveys luxury and sophistication. In fact, the original design of the iPhone was black for numerous generations until the white iPhone was introduced. Now, white is a major part of the color palette that creates a stunning user experience. Perhaps the trend of the importance of white in the color scheme is enhanced by the popularity of minimalist web design.

Of course, while it’s impossible to predict the future of web design, the fact that these elements are all incorporated into Apple’s iOS7 suggests that these will be popular design trends that will appear within the next year or so. Though web content and design is consistently evolving, staying current keeps your online presence competitive and relevant for today’s audiences. In short, simplicity is key and less is more when it comes to web design – for now!

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