8 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates on Checkout Pages

Tuesday - January 14th, 2014

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

8 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates on Checkout Pages

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem for the many businesses that sell online. Many users abandon their shopping carts at the checkout stage for a variety of reasons. This means that optimizing your checkout pages is key to maximizing conversion rates and decreasing shopping cart abandonment. With the following eight tips, you can ensure increased conversion rates on your checkout page.

1. Eliminate Registration
One common element that causes users to navigate away from the checkout page is requiring registration. According to one study, 25.6% of consumers would choose to abandon their purchase rather than creating an account with the merchant. Instead of requiring users to register before purchasing, give them the option to buy as a guest, automatically create an account as they fill in their billing and shipping information, or allow them to use social media logins such as Facebook.

2. Allow Back Button Use
Another major turn off for online consumers is when they are unable to use the “back” button during the checkout process. Using the back button may lead to error messages or automatic redirects, which can cause users to abandon the purchase altogether. Keep the back button functional and ensure that all data is saved.

3. Show Product Details
During checkout, customers want to make sure that they are getting the right items. You need to reassure them by including product information, specifications, and pictures on the checkout page. These details should also have a link back to the product page, allowing customers to confirm.

4. Have a Progress Bar
A progress bar is important to your checkout page because it shows the user how many steps he or she needs to take to complete the order. This provides the customer with a sense of control, increasing conversion rates. You should also try to limit your checkout process to as few steps as possible.

5. Use a Simplified Interface
Your checkout page should also be very simple to use, eliminating unnecessary clutter. This makes the checkout process less complex, a major factor in shopping cart abandonment. Take special care to avoid outbound clutter, or clutter that takes users away from the checkout page.

6. Show Security Symbols
Another factor that heavily influences a customer’s decision to purchase is how secure they feel about the transaction. To reassure customers that their sensitive data is secure, provide relevant security and encryption information as well as padlock icons and other symbols such as the VeriSign logo.

7. Make Shipping Details Clear
Shipping and delivery costs are another major factor in shopping cart abandonment. To avoid surprises, provide shipping costs at the beginning of the checkout process. Many businesses allow customers to look up shipping costs by zip code before they begin checkout. You should provide multiple shipping options and make delivery times clear.

8. Provide Multiple Payment Options
Another factor that will influence a customer’s final decision to purchase is the available payment methods. Many customers prefer to use alternative payment methods such as PayPal rather than credit or debit cards. Offering other payment options will vastly increase the number of customers who are willing to make a purchase on your website.

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