7 Things Users Want from Your Website

Friday - September 20th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

7 Things Users Want from Your Website

s the internet increases the access that we have to a variety of products, services, and businesses, our collective standards continue to rise. This has created a consumer base that’s pickier and more observant than ever before. From Google surveys to recent studies, it’s easier to understand what consumers are expecting from websites such as yours. By meeting these expectations, you can continue to make your business more competitive than ever. Here’s what your visitors are expecting:

  1. Quick loading. Because research overwhelmingly shows that users will bounce if it takes 3-5 seconds for your site to load, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your mobile browsing experience is a great one for users. While you can’t control the speeds of 3G, LTE, or any wireless communication, the design of your site can have a major impact on loading times.
  2. Updates. When people visit your site, download your app, or subscribe to your blog, they’re expecting frequent updates. The reason that they do all these things is to interact with your brand and receive valuable content from you. Failing to deliver could hurt your image, so it’s important to be consistent and relatively frequent with updates.
  3. Fast customer service. Whether consumers post on your social media pages or submit via the contact page, they want someone to get back to them as soon as possible. While this might seem like a given, as the attention span online has shrunk, so has overall patience.
  4. Finger friendly buttons. Mobile users expect it to be easy to click on your site. In fact, 69 percent said that finger-friendly buttons were one of the most important elements of a good browsing experience. Ensure that your site is optimized not only for search engines, but also for user friendliness across all platforms!
  5. Detail. The customer eye is more discerning than ever before. The internet has made it easier to research products, businesses, and their competitors. It’s crucial that your content and web copy is as optimized as the technological aspects of your site as well. Think of it as an elevator sales pitch through copy!
  6. Integration. If you have social platforms, a blog, and a greater presence online, users want it to be integrated into your site. In other words, they should never have to search on Facebook or Twitter for your brand. Rather, it should be so naturally integrated and easily found that they can connect with your socially on your site.
  7. Readability. The truth is that people want content, but they won’t read content. While this doesn’t make sense on the onset, the reality is that web users are browsers. They’ll browse and scan large swaths of information. So while you invest in content, you must also ensure that it is presented neatly, sharply, and visually. Reading on the web is visual!

Are you implementing these considerations into your mobile or desktop websites? By reviewing what your business is and isn’t doing online, you can ensure that you’re meeting customer expectations and staying one step ahead of your competitors!

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