7 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Thursday - May 16th, 2013

Written by: Chad Vossen

7 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

When we hear about website design, we’re told repeatedly to make sure it’s mobile friendly. But why stop there? Instead of creating mobile friendly sites, many brands are investing in responsive web design. As the name suggests, responsive web design responds to the type of browser and device used to visit them. In other words, a single site can be viewed on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop anywhere in the world. Instead of building a site specifically for mobile users, a single responsive web design quickly responds to any platform used to ensure a smooth user experience.

Why is this important? It is important because tablet current sales models predict tablet sales to exceed 100 million in 2013 alone. Over half of the United State population uses a smartphone. And mobile traffic is increasing – dramatically. This traffic shift partnered with the countless devices used to browse the web make it impossible for designers to customize a site for every platform. The biggest convenience of responsive web design is having a single site that is accessible to all.

But that’s not the only perk! Responsive web design includes many other benefits that enhance the user experience. Since less than 2 percent of all websites are optimized for mobile devices, investing in responsive web design will help your brand stand out.

Other benefits include:

  • Higher visibility in search engines. Because you’re dealing with a single site unified for all devices, you can truly optimize it with an outstanding SEO strategy. Instead of worrying about your mobile site, desktop site, and keeping everything updated, you can invest the extra energy in improving site content. Since content is king, your SEO rankings improve!
  • Improved conversion rates. So now that you’re spending more time on your content, SEO isn’t the only thing that benefits! Sites with strong content experience increased sales and conversion rates. This transformation has a positive impact for both you and your users.
  • User satisfaction. We’ve all faced the frustration of going to a mobile site, only to have to go to the “Full Site” to find an element that we needed. Since responsive web design is a single site, there isn’t any limited or missing information like there are on many mobile sites. What’s on the desktop is available on any platform.
  • Cost efficiency. Instead of having to spend on the money to keep your site updated on multiple platforms, you only have to invest in responsive web design. Updating and paying for a single site is much more efficient. Whether you decide to save the money or invest it elsewhere, this is a great benefit for any brand!
  • Superior analytics. Since you only have one site to keep track of with responsive web design, your analytics and reporting will be easier to keep track of. You also have less conversion paths and funnels to worry about. Instead of having to redirect traffic everywhere, you have the convenience of keeping users on the same site regardless of their device!
  • A beautiful site. Yes, your site looks great – we already know that. But it can look better with responsive web design because you don’t have to deal with those pesky plugins! You see, when a site is adapted for mobile users, plugins are used to translate the content and design. With responsive web design, plugins won’t ruin the beautiful layout of your site.
  • Protection from SEO penalties. Duplicate content hurts search engine rankings. With a single site through responsive web design, you don’t have to worry about duplicate or unique content for your brand!

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