7 Benefits of Live Chat on Your Website

Tuesday - October 1st, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

7 Benefits of Live Chat on Your Website

Have you ever faced the frustration of trying to get in contact with customer service, but couldn’t get in touch with the right people? We all know how irritating this can be, which is why we appreciate it when businesses make the effort to pro-actively meet our needs. The reality is that the internet has created a hyper-competitive marketplace, and your business should take advantage of every opportunity to rise above the rest. By using live chat, you can better serve your customers.


So what are the benefits of live chat?

  1. Convenience. Let’s face it, when consumers go online to shop, they’re looking for convenience. Whether it’s cheaper prices, avoiding the hassle of going to a store, or simply looking to make a quick purchase, convenience is a major factor in online shopping. The reality is that while Live Chat isn’t needed by some customers, there are many who will find it convenient. Because live chat features on your site are immediate, consumers will love that they don’t have to wait like they would while communicating via a call center. In fact, almost half of all online customers said that they’ve used live chat features to answer important questions in the midst of an online purchase.
  2. Proven results. When properly implemented, a site that uses live chat will likely have up to 20 percent better conversion rates than a site that doesn’t. But the benefits don’t end there – orders are up to 35 percent larger and consumers report greater satisfaction. With proven results that showcase customer satisfaction and growth for your business, what’s not to love about Live Chat?
  3. Cuts expenses. The reality is that live chat features on your site are really just another form of customer service. However, because it’s featured directly on your site, this lowers the average cost of interaction with customers. For instance, a single employee could handle multiple chats single-handedly, which would save you the resources from hiring more workers. Plus, live chat centers are traditionally smaller than call centers.
  4. Competitive edge. If your competitors aren’t currently using live chat, then you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Because live chat engages consumers and grows your business, you’ll be able to bring your website to life and offer unparalleled service in your industry.
  5. Communicate clearly. One of the largest challenges any business faces while growing is the ability to communicate clearly with consumers. Investing in live chat is a simple way to easily address the global nature of today’s online economy. Live chat ensures accurate communication, especially when it comes to customer service. For instance, unlike call centers, there’s no misunderstanding tracking numbers, order numbers, or confirmation codes since everything is typed out.
  6. Easy installation and maintenance. Unlike other major website upgrades, adding live chat to your website isn’t an overly complicated process. It can be done relatively easily without disrupting your current workflow processes and the business that’s currently in transaction. Furthermore, chats can be answered by your team on a variety of devices ranging from desktop to mobile.
  7. Serving your customers. Ultimately, the greatest benefit of live chat is that you’re investing in another way to service your customers and provide the best shopping experience possible. It’s a difference that will go a long way in defining your brand and creating a customer-focused image.

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