5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter But Isn’t

Friday - March 29th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter But Isn’t

Each social media platform has its own process of interacting with customers. Businesses using Facebook and Twitter the exact same way, for instance, fail to utilize their Twitter account to its full potential. Unlike other social media avenues, Twitter allows businesses to interact with consumers more frequently and directly. Since Twitter is a constant stream of updates, posts don’t have to be optimized for longevity and click-through-rates like a Facebook or Google+ Post.

To fully take advantage of Twitter and its offerings, businesses should remember the following strategies:

5. Tweet About Promotions and Coupon Codes

Everyone loves a good deal, and getting one without having to sign up for regular email updates is a plus! This strategy has a lot of wiggle room. For instance, you don’t have to actually tweet out the coupon code itself. Simply alerting your followers that a promotion is approaching or ongoing is a quick way to build loyal or new followers.

Furthermore, tweeting about promotions and coupon codes is a great way to make people want to follow your brand.

4. Tweet Your Customer Service

In today’s world, consumers are no longer limited to complaining about your brand via email or phone call. Many consumers will post their disappointment not only on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but in other areas of the web such as blogs and personal websites. The worst part? The internet is in ink.

The last thing any company wants is bad publicity. Though you’ll want to handle the case privately if a consumer fires an angry tweet at you, take advantage of the opportunity to publicly connect with the customer to rectify the situation. Not only does this inform your other followers about your brand’s willingness to exceed costumer expectations, it counters any negative publicity from the incoming tweet.

3. Interact Directly with Consumers

The culture on Twitter is vastly different from the culture on Facebook. Twitter is an avenue where businesses can interact – tweet – directly with consumers. Large brands such as @skittles or @pepsi are quick to respond to tweets mentioning them. In fact, many companies are now employing full-time staff to handle Twitter accounts.

Interacting directly with consumers engages them with your brand’s story and is an effective way for you to say “thank you.” Furthermore, an avenue is created for your brand to hear directly from customers on feedback and other points of interest.

2. Improve Conversion Rates

Because Twitter allows you to build a targeted following and target a specific audience through hashtags, companies use Twitter to seek business-specific conversions. Even if sales aren’t directly made on Twitter, measure traffic results to your company’s website that result from Twitter. Tools such as Google Analytics and TweetReach allow your brand to calculate how many sales were generated from your tweets.

1. Tweet to Build Your Brand’s Story

Your brand’s Twitter account shouldn’t be a standalone entity. Rather, it is part of a larger marketing plan. As such, your Twitter account should ultimately enhance the story of your brand. If your business is focused on customer service, for instance, then ensure that your tweets and interactions with consumers reflect that aspect. Furthermore, simple and consistent tweets create a lively profile that keeps followers engaged.

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