5 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

Monday - September 16th, 2013

Written by: Chad Vossen

5 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

In a previous post, we discussed why minimalism is one of the leading website design trends of 2013. But that’s easier to acknowledge than to implement, especially if you already have an established website. So how can you simplify your existing site to take advantage of the streamlined simplicity that is defining today’s web design trends?

Simple! Just as you consider ways of improving efficiency in your business in real life, the goal is to make your website more efficient online. By reducing navigation confusion and enhancing the desired goals, we can create a sleeker and more effective website. While this might seem like an elusive goal, it needn’t be. There are many areas where websites can universally be improved and face improvement.

  1. Follow the 80-20 rule. The theory is that only 20 percent of your content provides 80 percent of the value on each page. And this largely tends to be true. For instance, the CTAs, informational bits, and purchase buttons are truly the pieces that you want your visitors to focus on. Sure, you have a fancy site, but it’s all optimized to encourage them to do one thing: make a purchase. So the lesson is to make sure that you have fewer distractions and that you truly stress and highlight the elements that you want to showcase.
  2. Get rid of distractions. In order to accomplish the 80-20 rule, you must scrap any elements that could be considered a distraction. Chances are, you’re familiar with the idea that minimalist web design is one of the top trends moving forward. Well, removing unnecessary distraction is one of the simplest steps you can take to accomplish that goal!
  3. Simplify your typography options. The font that you use throughout your site is one of the most subtle, yet effective elements that you have to utilize. The font used could be the difference between someone noticing and following a CTA versus completely ignoring it. Unfortunately, too many brands go overboard with typography, implementing different fonts throughout their site for the sake of visual benefit. Instead, be sure to treat your typography like your color palette. It should fit within a visual theme that permeates your website.
  4. Improve navigation. Whether it’s on your desktop or mobile website, one of the ways that you can simplify your site is to improve the navigation. To do this, make it easier to get to the most important places on your site. When the internet experienced its boom in the early 2000s, it was popular for websites to create a tricky maze that kept consumers trapped. Now, however, users want to get to the meat of a site, or they’ll leave immediately.
  5. Remove unnecessary navigation options. To help improve navigation, why not remove unnecessary navigation options? Or the number of pages of your site while we’re at it? While it might seem scary to slim-down your site, make up for this by boosting your content and highlighting your CTAs by keeping important elements above the fold.

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