5 Tips on Using Social Media for Customer Service

Monday - August 5th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

5 Tips on Using Social Media for Customer Service

When we think of social media, it’s natural to think next of the marketing efforts we can do to boost our business’s presence online. However, it’s also a powerful tool for what your business does best: satisfying customer needs. By using your social media pages as a tool for customer service, your brand will immediately have an advantage over its competitors. Oh, did we mention that this inadvertently improves your visibility as well? It’s certainly a win-win situation!


Remember, the key to social media marketing is engaging and interacting with your customers, and customer service is simply a natural part of that equation. Because consumers will inevitably turn to social media if they are dissatisfied, it’s also where your brand has the opportunity to rectify a negative situation, and gain positive publicity in the process. In fact, the latest research shows that 62 percent of consumers have already used social media platforms to receive customer service. This is just another example of how customer behavior is shifting, and businesses have to keep up. To effectively leverage social media for costumer service, consider:


  1. Checking your social sites periodically throughout the day – or at least on a daily basis. While large corporations have entire teams dedicated to customer service and marketing, it can be difficult for a small business to consistently check social media in the midst of daily duties and responsibilities. Regardless of your company’s size, you want to respond to any complaints, comments, or compliments as quickly as possible, and you must stay consistently tuned into your social sites to do so.
  2. Be proactive about issues. We’ve all witnessed massive recalls from various corporations. If there’s an issue with any of your products or services, be proactive and let consumers know about it through your social pages – before the complaints start rolling in. For instance, if your online banking service will be down for 2 hours of maintenance, let your clients know beforehand, so they know to expect it!
  3. Encourage positive reviews! Once your business has successfully addressed an issue via social media, encourage the consumer to submit a positive review that describes your excellent customer service! People are extremely open to saying positive things, as long as they feel like they were genuinely helped by customer service.
  4. Address similar issues. Since everything that happens over social media is public, take the opportunity to address similar issues, which other customers may be experiencing. Again, this will proactively help resolve issues, which will help reduce the number of inquiries you receive.
  5. Keep a balanced ratio. While social media is an excellent opportunity to extend customer service to your clients, be sure to balance it with your other posts as well. In other words, you don’t want your social media presence to be defined by customer service. You also want to focus on the advertising and promotional opportunities that social sites present. After all, while customer service on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter present a marketing opportunity, they are not a marketing responsibility.

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