5 Examples of Highly Effective Pricing Pages

Monday - August 26th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

5 Examples of Highly Effective Pricing Pages

While it might seem like a minor detail, the pricing pages on your website can have a direct effect on your conversion rates. Remember, your site should focus on beauty and usability, but it should also naturally highlight the incredible deals that you have to offer. Strengthening your pricing pages only strengthens your sales funnel.


The following examples incorporate a fine balance of white space, typography, content, and other incredible web design ideas.


  1. RDIO - Similar to Spotify, RDIO is an online streaming service that allows users to listen to all the music they want for a monthly fee. What makes their pricing page so effective is that from left to right, it effectively showcases the different pricing options available. On the left side, RDIO highlights the smallest package available, and as you continue moving to the right, the pricing gets higher and the benefits increase accordingly. This simple layout allows users to choose the option that is best for them. When users can find a product that fits their specific needs, they’re more likely to patronize a business.
  2. Zendesk - Zendesk allows businesses or sole proprietors to organize their workflow processes online. Because their pricing page easily distinguishes the plan for small businesses versus the plan for larger enterprises, it’s easy to choose a package that fits your business model. Again, the pricing page should make it easy for potential customers to determine the package or option that is best for them. Also, notice how nicely the “FREE TRIAL” button is nestled beside the “BUY” button. Informing consumers that they can try your product before purchase can help improve conversion rates.
  3. Basecamp - When customers are shopping online, chances are that they’re comparing your site and prices against your competitors. Thus, it’s important to use reassuring language on your pricing page. Notice how naturally Basecamp incorporates encouraging slogans and phrases on their pricing page. With phrases like “Honest prices, no surprises” and “You can switch packages or cancel at any time,” Basecamp does an excellent job of gaining consumer trust and assuring users that they are about to make a wise purchase. Encouraging language will emphasize how reliable your business and services are.
  4. Trackur - One of the most striking elements of this page is how easily it incorporates the comprehensive services available to potential customers. The chart on the left hand side of the pricing page showcases how the various packages differ, and what package you need to purchase if you want a certain feature or service. Including a systematic chart on your pricing page will help users know exactly what is included in the package that they decide to purchase. Also, the large prices displayed at the top of the page make available pricing options clear.
  5. Kiss Metrics - While this pricing page incorporates many elements from the pages listed above, what stands out about this particular example is that they highlighted their “Most Popular” option. By highlighting an option that is your specialty, your most popular option, or your newest option, you can draw attention to an aspect of the sales funnel that you most want to emphasize.

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