5 Elements of a Highly Successful Marketing Email

Wednesday - August 7th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

5 Elements of a Highly Successful Marketing Email

No one likes logging into their inbox every morning to see only spam emails – yuck! Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who’s sick of spam – your customers are too. Unless you or your copywriters know how to write compelling marketing emails, your subscribers might ignore, or immediately delete your emails! If recipients do read your emails, you want to ensure that the content leads to high conversion rates, which will grow your business.


To accomplish this, treat your email strategy like content marketing. After all, it technically is content marketing – just using a different medium! Here are a few elements to look for in a successful email that drives conversions:


  1. Focus on the subject line. One of the easiest ways to write an effective email is to write your subject line first. There are two reasons behind this strategy: first, the title of an email is what will determine whether or not the recipient opens it. You want to ensure that the headline is catchy, snappy, and compelling enough to make the recipient want to read it. Remember, certain “formulas” of email subjects lines tend to work better than others. These include:
  • How to _____________
  • 7 Reasons that ___________
  • Why You Should __________

In other words, try using magnetic headlines that offer value to the consumer. The second reason you should write the subject line first is because it will give you the focus of your email. One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is sending out marketing emails without clear and concise points. Using the subject line as a focal point makes it clear what your email is about, and you’ll have an easier time writing the content.

  1. Keep it friendly. Remember, the digital world tends to be less formal than the physical world. We expect most of our interactions via email or social media to be friendly in nature, so you want your email marketing to blend in. Feel free to begin the email with the name of the consumer instead of a generic statement like, “Dear Valued Customer…”
  2. Teach. Using your email campaigns to “teach” clients is a surefire way to boost conversion rates. However, this doesn’t mean that emails have to be “how to” in nature. Instead, you might simply elaborate on a problem that consumers are having, defining the negative situation for them so that you can introduce your brand as the shining solution. Other ways that you can teach consumers via email are:
  • Explaining how customers can get the most out of your products and brands
  • Informing consumers about the latest services, products, and promotions that your business has to offer
  • Showcasing exciting company news that is of interest to your customers
  1. Focus on aesthetics. Keep the email visually organized so that recipients can easily read it and understand the key points. In fact, one of the biggest email marketing trends is to keep 80 percent of the important information “above the fold” of the email. Similar to a newspaper, which puts the biggest stories at the top of the front page, you want to frontload your emails with the most important content. This way, even if people don’t read the entire email, they’ll have absorbed the most important information.
  2. Be more than promotional. Instead of consistently promoting your business, services, and products whenever you have the chance, take the opportunity to be creative with your email campaigns. For instance, consider telling a heartwarming story about customer service your business performed, blasting out customer testimonials, or simply building a trusted rapport with your client base.


Keep these tips in mind, and consumers will be more likely to read your emails, and respond to your CTAs!

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