15 Websites All Small Business Marketers Should Visit

Friday - January 4th, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

15 Websites All Small Business Marketers Should Visit

Using proven marketing strategies is key for achieving success as a small business. Considering the strict marketing budgets that most small companies have to work with, it becomes crucial to get the best information for a reasonable price. Fortunately, many valuable marketing resources are available online and can be accessed for free or for a nominal investment. Below are 15 websites that every small business professional should be using on a regular basis.

  1. Small Biz Trends ( This is an online publication that has been awarded for excellence. Touted as a publication for small business owners and entrepreneurs, Small Biz Trends is a resource to read regularly to stay on top of the changing business landscape.
  2. YFS Entrepreneur ( This online magazine is prepared specifically for startup business professionals.
  3. Duct Tape Marketing ( This online marketing resource targets small business marketing professionals offering the latest information on marketing tools and strategies.
  4. Open Forum ( This American Express online resource spotlights marketing, social media, leadership and other timely business topics.
  5. Marketing Profs ( As the name implies, this website resembles an online university for entrepreneurs featuring articles, podcasts, tutorials, guides and reports, online seminars and other tools that every entrepreneur needs.
  6. Startup Nation ( This website features business articles, pre-screened vendors list, blogs, podcasts and e-books specifically designed for startup companies.
  7. Elance ( This site lists and ranks freelance professionals available for project work. Web developers, writers, editors, programmers and other skilled professionals offer detailed profiles with evaluation scores posted from 1 to 5.
  8. LinkedIn ( A social media site that is all about business. Much like Facebook, LinkedIn offers participants the chance to post tidbits of information and to network. Unlike Facebook, this tool is not used to post birthday photos and other personal images. LinkedIn is a great way to recruit employees and freelancers or to network for other business purposes. Instead of “friends”, LinkedIn allows you to add “connections” to your profile as people you want in your business network. One of the best features of LinkedIn is that it makes it easier to bypass the gatekeeper and access important contacts via your extended LinkedIn network.
  9. Tabsite ( This site helps small businesses establish a memorable Facebook presence. For as little as $50 per year, Tabsite can transform the company Facebook page into a valuable marketing tool.
  10. Entrepreneur ( This online magazine has answers for small business marketing questions. With sections covering startups and marketing specifically, there are valuable insights for marketers interested in finding success.
  11. Google Products ( This online resource is definitely a site that every entrepreneur should bookmark. With analytical tools for measuring online activity and for sharing important documents, Google Products is a free source that every business can use.
  12. PRLog ( Marketers who know the importance of press releases, use PRLog as a resource for writing and distributing these important public relations’ tools. PRLog distributes press releases to the main search engines for free. Guides are also available to help marketing professionals write releases geared to make an impression and get results.
  13. Free Digital Photos ( Marketers demand access to photos to prepare marketing materials and create websites. This site offers 1000s of free downloadable images. High-resolution images are also available for an extra charge.
  14. County Business Patterns ( This site provides valuable industry economic data that can be used for marketing analysis purposes. This site can be used for preparing a business plan to obtain financing or to conduct important market research.
  15. CEO Express ( This online business resource is a gateway that opens to a page of leading business news and magazine links for marketers interested in finding all major information resources on one convenient web page.

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