15 Best Apps For a Small Business Marketer

Wednesday - January 2nd, 2013

Written by: Tristan Pelligrino

15 Best Apps For a Small Business Marketer

For small business marketing professionals, one of the best ways to gain an edge is through the use of apps. Apps can be used for everything from boosting efficiency to enhancing a social media presence. We’ve identified 15 of our favorite apps across all platforms. If you’re in marketing, there’s virtually no reason to not have these apps.

  1. Google Drive – With few exceptions, every marketer should have this app on their device. It provides easy access to Google Docs and virtually any file type.
  2. Splashtop – Tablets are becoming more popular in the field, but this handy app will let you access your desktop for the times when you need a full OS.
  3. Analytics – Google Analytics users will surely want this app, which provides at-a-glance access to the latest statistics.
  4. Flipboard – Staying up on social media can be exhaustive, but it’s crucial. Flipboard takes your social media outlets, as well as your preferred news, and puts it into a beautiful magazine interface.
  5. WordPress – This one is pretty self explanatory. If you use WordPress at all, then having the mobile app is a no-brainer.
  6. Microsoft Skydrive – This one gives you similar function to Google Drive, but might will be more comfortable for Office power users.
  7. Facebook – Again, this is one that no reasonable person will want to skip on. If you’re on Facebook, you need the app.
  8. Sorted – If you’re marketing and doing it right, then you should always feel like you have a lot on your plate and not enough time. Sorted is a handy to-do list that makes sure you stay on track.
  9. Twitter (or a client) – Unlike Facebook, the official Twitter app isn’t necessarily the best client. Our pick for the most functional would be HootSuite. Regardless, if you use Twitter, then it’s essential for you to have a useful client to access it.
  10. Parallels – This one is for OS X, but it’s an app that is as valuable as any mobile variant. It allows for full OS virtualization on your Mac, so you can have OS X but access Windows when you need it.
  11. WordPress Mobile Statistics – This one’s for iOS. As its title suggests, it gives mobile access to your WordPress statistics account. It’s infinitely useful for tracking metrics even when you’re away from a laptop.
  12. GMail – The official Gmail app on iOS and Android is far and away one of the best mobile mail solutions ever invented. If you’re using Gmail, there is no reason for you to not have the app.
  13. Tumblr – When you need to produce content but can’t be bothered to do so on a large scale, Tumblr is a great alternative. The micro-blogging platform lets you create on the go without having to do too much leg work.
  14. Adobe Reader – There are dozens of apps available for viewing PDFs, so you can honestly take your pick of what’s available. Still, Reader is the official product that’s supported by Adobe, so it’s what we recommend downloading.
  15. Evernote – As far as notes and memos go, Evernote has become something of a gold standard. The app is available on all mobile platforms and desktops. It uploads your notes to the cloud and lets you access them from anywhere, effectively eliminating the need to carry a notebook.

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